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Entry #2

2009-11-20 05:31:16 by Eddde

Graphic designer / Digital artist


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2009-11-21 22:53:35

Just looked through your portfolio, I love your stuff man. It's so krisp and fresh, it's everything I want to try and accomplish in the future, kudos man.


2009-11-22 07:16:37

Good on ya mate, you have a really professional looking site there, with all kind of fancy art-works, I wish I could make my ghetto-site look as professional as that. Great job, I tipp my hat to you.


2009-11-22 12:19:54

Sweet. Awesome drawings there, pal, everything looks very proffesional.


2009-11-22 14:55:07

hur gick tentan? vi har äntligen fått ut resultaten på "mina sidor".

undrar om vi kommer få se själva rättningen med kommentarer eller nåt åxå... pz!

Eddde responds:

heey duuude :D tentan gick fint, ett VG blev det. Antar att det gick bra för dig med? ^^